Smart Box – Samsung.

Challenge: In crowded China Smart TV market, product definition of Smart TV is confused by other local brands. An internet TV is not a real Smart TV. Samsung as a later imported brand, has powerful TV Application Store which support countless various Applications download and full-3D audiovisual experience. Samsung should be differentiated with other local brands, and tends to make clear to consumers that no one but Samsung Smart TV can be called “real smart TV”.

Solution: Install a “Samsung Smart Box” at a site, many different kinds of gifts, such toys as characters of various applications (sports, music, movie, game, SNS etc.), endlessly pop out from the “Smart Box”, consumers can take it for free. Through the direct experience, let consumers know the unbelievable benefits that Smart TV applications can be downloaded for free! CBD(Central Business District) , where is the most white collar-intensive area in Beijing, is chosen as the interesting event site. Carry the activity out twice in rush hours (during the lunch break and the closing time). Promote product focus on the target consumers by interactive outdoor billboard combined with the spread of on-line viral video.

Location:Out of Merchants Building,CBD Beijing

Result: The activity attracted huge crowds, white collars from nearby office buildings have take part in this interaction. Over 4,000 APP toys have been taken away. Real-time on-the-spot broadcast swept 10,000 people. Viral video has been uploaded and spread across the internet, such UCC website as, Also as been forwarded on the Sina micro blogs at the same time from April 19th. Activity attracted increasing attentions and comments. from netizen, received overall good reviews. Judging from the feedback, Samsung Smart TV stands out from other brands, Consumers strongly impressed by activity, and most of them are willing to experience Samsung Smart TV.


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