700 lives. 700 ice statue melting.

Skin cancer is growing worldwide. And it is just one of those things people don’t talk about. Because you feel the sun cannot really hurt you. Unfortunately this is terribly wrong. And having a friend who survived this disease I’m super willing to support any campaign that helps raising awareness on this menace we are all exposed to. This outdoor campaign made in Spain is fantastic. The idea is super. And it delivers the message in such a strong and experiential way that it cannot get unnoticed.

In Madrid Bungalow 25 created something that is in between art and advertising. Every year in Spain more than 700 people lose their lives because of advanced melanoma. So the agency decided to represent the disappearance of these lives through real scale ice statues on the streets of Madrid. Of course because of the sun the statues melted, losing their lives exactly like the human being affected by the disease.



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