Smoyz for Kontex: Pinterest is growing fast!!

smoyz, a creative advertising agency in Israel have put together a video about what they did for Kotex. It’s the first I’ve seen who have produced a case study video about a campaign on the platform. They ran an a campaign for Kotex dubbed ‘Women’s Inspiration Day’. This involved targeting 50 influential Pinterest users, taking the time to understand what they pinned and therefore what interested them. Then for each of the influencers they created a customised gift box based on their pins. Nothing groundbreaking here but there’s cleverness in its simplicity, harnessing the new platform.

What were the results?

Allegedly, close to 100% of the recipients posted about their prizes on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, leading to 2,284 interactions and 694,853 total impressions. Some impressive numbers for sending out 50 gift boxes! So while brand activations are still few and far between on Pinterest just yet, smoyz harnessed the key USP of Pinterest, self expression, to great effect.



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