Purity Bottom – Levissima.

Levissima is a mineral water springing from a glacier in northen Italy. While launching the new corporate website, they wanted users to experience the main quality of the product, putting them in touch with the force of purity. The Wild Purity Button was created to bring nature into your web activity.

With this tool, you can plunge yourself into beautiful landscapes, regenerating yourself while checking Facebook or reading the news. What the Button actually does is change the background image of the website you’re on with views of wild nature. You can choose the background image you prefer by clicking the provided button on the footer. On the same bar, you’ll find the button to cancel the “Wild Purity effect”. The tool works on every website that has a background image, except the ones that don’t allow any action on the source code. Add the Wild Purity Button to your bookmark toolbar and experience the force of purity:




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