Urban ruins: abandoned and forgotten hotels.

A small forgotten hotel in Germany (Photo by Sven Fennema)

Abandoned “Villa de Vecchi” (The Ghost Mansion), Near Lake Como, Italy

Abandoned Hotel (Photo by Ray)

Abandoned hotel in Alabama (Photo by Lindsay Blair Brown)

Abandoned hotel in Erfurt Germany (Photo by Michael Mehrhoff)

Abandoned hotel lobby in Cayman Brac

Abandoned Hotel on the Spanish Coast

Abandoned hotel, austria (Photo by Funky Eye)

Abandoned Hotel, Bali. Photo by Bailey.Anderson.B

Abandoned Luneta Hotel, Manila, Philippines

Abandoned ruins of the Cocoa Palms Resort on the island of Kauaii (Photo by Jeff)


Bowling pins in an abandoned hotel (Photo by Karen Newman)

Dining room, abandoned Hotel (Photo by Alex Z.)

El Hotel del Salto, Colombia

King Edward Hotel, Toronto

Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit

Once a Classy Hotel (Photo by Matthias Haker)

Photo by Dan Raven

Photo by Kronix

Photo by max-bog

Photo by Mike Kolesnikov

Photo by Niki Feijen (2)

Photo by Niki Feijen

Photo by schnotte

Photo by soho42

Photo by Stefaan Beernaert

Photo by Thorsten Schnorrbusch

The Atlantis Hotel located in Bathsheba, St. Joseph parish, Barbados (Photo by Chris Smart)

The Beautiful Abandoned Higdon Hotel, Tennessee (Photo by Joy Castello)

The Hotel Adler, Sharon Springs, NY

The Pines Hotel, New York.

The Towers abandoned hotel. Photo by Andre Govia

Waldo Hotel, Clarksburg, WV



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