Dog Goldberg Machine – Beneful®

By now, denizens of the internet are more than familiar with the wonder of Rube Goldberg machines. Honda started the trend. OK Go had a stab. In typical fashion, Red Bull came along and broke the curve with their own insane offering.
But Beneful’s new spot looks to raise the convoluted stakes by adding a rogue element: adorable, adorable dogs.
How agency DeepFocus pulled off this feat of patience, precision and timing is anyone’s guess. Any dog I’ve ever had would barely fetch a stick, let alone knock over some carefully-arranged dominoes at the right time. Is that too much to ask from my pets?
Anyway, the resulting ad is a really fun watch, painted in bright primary colours and backed by a score that recalls Pixar. The best part is that the machine functions on all sorts of doggie activities: catching Frisbees, chasing tennis balls, even going nuts when the doorbell rings.
‘Dog Goldberg Machine’ is currently trending on Unruly’s Viral Video Chart, with 4500 shares since its release on Tuesday.




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