A Man and Robots Collaborate in Magical Projection Mapping Video – Box.

Forget all the projection mapping you’ve seen before. Nothing compares to this. Bot & Dolly , a design and engineering studio out of San Francisco has just released this astounding video that creates a perfect synthesis between real and digital space, all while projection mapping on a moving surface. The film “Box” below is a live performance, filmed entirely in camera (in other words, no editing was done).


Bot & Dolly created the video by merging a few of their specialties – namely large scale robotics, projection mapping and software engineering. While it may seem like the actor in the video is initially moving each of the rectangular panels, it’s actually the 6-axis industrial robots in the background doing the work. In this way the team at Bot & Dolly are able to perfectly plan where each panel will be in space and time, matching that to the projected imagery. Regardless of how it works, the effect is breathtaking and truly hard to believe (The quote from Arthur C. Clarke at the end of the film is right on the mark!).



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