The Tutu Project – Bob and Linda Carey.

Bob and Linda Carey have always had a special kind of relationship.
But when Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, their love faced a new challenge. To make Linda laugh despite her illness, Bob strips down to what Linda calls his “Superman cape”: a frilly pink tutu.
He then strikes a pose, and takes a photograph for Linda to share with her friends.
The couple started a website to share the photos with the world, and it wasn’t long before their story went viral.
They’ve received endless support for the project, with many survivors saying that the hilarious yet beautiful photos have helped them through the most difficult time in their lives.
What started out as a quirky way to bring a smile to his wife’s face has instead changed the lives of countless cancer survivors and their supporters. Bob’s photos provide them with a feeling of light-hearted innocence: something that the cancer had taken away until now.
The cancer has taken an emotional toll on Bob as well. He considers the pictures a form of self-therapy for when he feels lost or helpless.
But as a photographer, the joyful reactions of those who see the photos are even more liberating than the act of putting on the tutu.
Linda says that one of the most common remarks she hears from the other women going through treatment is how incredible Bob’s dedication is to his wife.
Many of the women say that they could never imagine their husbands being so carefree and yet so caring at the same time.
Bob soon realized that he had to continue with his photographs… not only for Linda and the other cancer patients, but also for himself.
He has since traveled everywhere to capture new images, from a small village in Italy to the Lincoln Memorial.
So many people connect with the photos, whether they are a survivor themselves, a friend, a family member, or just a supporter.
Beyond making people laugh, they inspire a feeling of lightness that counteracts the effects of a terrible disease.
They help people move forward with a smile on their faces, ready to face a new day.



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