Best Of Zach King on Vine – FinalCut King.


In the world of six-second Vine videos, the art of capturing an audience’s attention is vital – and few are better at it than Zach King.
The Los Angeles-based filmmaker has only been using the app (a Twitter-owned service which lets users create and share short, editable videos) for four months but has already created some of the most memorable ‘quick cut’ style videos around.
King calls his videos “digital sleight of hand”, with his lightning-fast editing allowing him to jump through car doors, turn ping pong balls into fried eggs and – in a video that fulfils the dreams of more than a few internet users – grab kittens straight out of the internet.

As well as Vines, King is also a prolific YouTube user – part of a generation of home-grown talents who have used the video-sharing site to show off their prowess with editing and special effects. He’s also got a viral pedigree – his first big hit was way back in 2011 with a video that edited together cats and lightsabres to rake in more than 5 million views.
King says he’s making enough money from these digital avenues to live on, working sponsorship deals with brands into his content to fund his work. However, he’s also got his eye on material that is slightly longer than six seconds in the future.

“Someday I would love to direct feature films – action-adventure titles would be the dream genre to produce. But I’m loving being an online content creator right now and I have a large audience so I want to keep creating content for them.”


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