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If you are getting ready to watch the Super Bowl you have a few more hours to go, but if it’s just commercials you want, you can get started watching right now. While I’m sure there’s a lot to be excited about for this year’s big game, the commercials are the highlight of the evening for many of us.
Each year the Super Bowl commercials get more absurd and fantastic. It’s the most expensive advertising minute ever, so there’s a lot of pressure to make it great. As a result we get celebrities and concepts that often take full advantage of pop culture and their budget to get our attention. There’s also usually some epic sneak peaks into upcoming films that are exclusive to this event. This year looks to be no different, so I took a look at the teasers that are currently available and made a short list of early Super Bowl commercials you’ll want to check out.

A Full House reunion teaser

It almost looked like John Stamos was in the process of creating a steamy situation, but David Alan Coulier and Bob Saget save the day in a way that can only be described as a clever hat tip to their television series. This is one of two teasers currently in the Hulu AdZone that feature the trio, but this is by far the more amusing of the two. If this is just a hint of what’s to come, that could easily be the best yogurt commercial of the year.

A Super Bowl commercial crafted with German engineering

A Super Bowl commercial crafted with German engineering
The Volkswagen engineering team figured that they could use the same basic concepts that they used to develop their amazing vehicles to craft the perfect Super Bowl commercial. Unfortunately — and hilariously — reality sets in and they realize a trip back to the drawing board is in order. The full commercial will probably be a second attempt at this formula, but the results will probably be amusingly similar.

The red key or the blue key?

What happens when Lawrence Fishburne shows up as Morpheus and offers you one of two now-legendary choices before you step into a shiny new Kia K900? This one is a fantastic flashback to a movie franchise that embedded itself deep into the mind of every geek out there.

Too scary to avoid

For reasons passing understanding, Bud Light has put Arnold Schwarzenegger in a terrifyingly awful outfit so he can stand in front of you and act as though he’s getting ready for a truly epic ping pong match. Bud has several of these teasers in the Hulu AdZone and they are all just as awkward. Whatever it is Bud Light has planned it seems like it will leave the audience staring with disturbed silence wondering what just happened on their televisions.


We’ve got more than a couple of great movies coming out soon, and while none of them have left teasers anywhere yet we know that there will be commercials for at least a few of them. One of these is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As you may remember last year there was an impressive amount of ad time spent with Robert Downey Jr staring into the camera as Tony Stark, as well as an extended look at Iron Man 3. The Winter Soldier had an impressive exclusive sneak peak revealed during the opening for Thor 2: The Dark World, so it is possible that we’ll see something outside of a normal trailer during the game.
Another great movie with a trailer coming to the Super Bowl is for Muppets Most Wanted. These guys have also not created a teaser trailer yet, but their recent incredibly funny Internet jab fest that was aired during the Golden Globes makes it hard to imagine that they won’t have something great in store for the Big Game.



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