Social Striptease – Fred e Farid for Vicomte A.

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Fred & Farid Shanghai orchestrated a social media striptease for Vicomte A., using the customers to promote and share in social media fashion brand’s women collection. For this, the agency decided to give any men between 18-30 what they want: a hot sexy girl stripping, with a price: “to share her clothes off”.

The girl is wearing Vicomte A.’s woman collection and the way of getting her clothes off is to share it on the Facebook wall. The clothes also appear on an e-shop ad and turned very quickly fans’ Facebook walls in free advertising space targeting their female friends.

The idea aimed to increase the traffic on Vicomte A. e-commerce website and involved an interactive experience, on which the male Facebook users can undress a sexy model by sharing her clothes in social media.

The results of the social striptease? In less than 2 days, the agency turned Facebook walls into free media for the brand, with more than 150.000 clothes shared. Also, over 300,000 Twitter accounts were reached and the campaign attracted the attention of specialized media, turning from a national to a worldwide campaign. As a result of this campaign, the traffic on the e-commerce website increased 5 times during the operation.

Agency: Fred & Farid Shanghai
Brand: Vicomte A.
Executive Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Creative Director: Gregoire Chalopin
Copywriter: Laurent Leccia
Art Director: Laurent Leccia
Brand supervisors: Arthur de Soultrait, Julie Clerambourg
Producer: Sacha Guyon, Bastien Chanot
Development & Production: Lumini

Fred & Farid Group is a digital communication group based in Paris and Shanghai and founded by Frederic Raillard and Farid Mokart, Cannes Grand Prix 2009 winner.



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