Assembly Fail – Ikea


If you’ve ever owned a piece of IKEA furniture, you’ll know that they can be surprisingly tricky to assemble even with the instructions provided.
To illustrate this fact, the Swedish furniture brand has unveiled billboards that playfully poke fun at its self-assembly products.
Dubbed ‘Assembly Fail’, the billboards feature jumbled posters advertising its assembly service with the tagline “Our assembly service is happy to help.”



Agency: thjnk


Reebok – Be More Human.

Reebook and Venables Bell & Partners really work up a sweat for “Be More Human,” an integrated global campaign that celebrates ordinary people who use sports and fitness in their quest for personal fulfillment and to serve the greater good. The campaign kicked off Sunday, Feb. 1 with a 60-second spot called “Freak Show” that will air during NBC’s Super Bowl pre-game show. The ad portrays people training at CrossFit, running the Spartan Race, and pushing themselves in their workouts. It then shows how that training helps them be strong in their daily lives, whether as parents or as firefighters.

The global push includes a microsite called the “Be More Human Experience,” which features interactive tools like a test to gauge “human-ness” based on your priorities in life, and a 3D visualizer that shows how physical activities like sitting or jogging affect the brain.

"Humanity Test"

“Humanity Test”

It also includes a social push called #breakyourselfie, which encourages people to share photos of their exhausted, post-workout selves.



Extend the sunshine – Corona.


The stars really aligned for Corona—well, one did, anyway—in this clever outdoor stunt from Toronto agency Zulu Alpha Kilo.

Check out the video to see how the brand brought extra hours of sunlight to some drinkers on a bar patio. It’s a great realization of the brand’s tagline, “Find your beach,” and surely has extra resonance in Canada, where summers are short enough.


Actually, Corona made up an old Bavaria’s idea, watch the video:



Ice guerrilla – Copenhagen Skatepark.

We placed posters at skateparks in Copenhagen. The message was printed upside down and mirrored, so it was onlye readable in the reflections in the puddles of the ground.
By targeting the skaters in the beginning of the autumn, we positioned Copenhagen Skatepark ad the obious choice for skating during the wet season.



Clever Peel-Off Tattoos On Posters Show That Removing Them Is Easy – MacLaren McCann.

The Canadian agency MacLaren McCann has come up with a brilliant way to advertise for a tattoo removal service.

As many people think that tattoo removal will be difficult, the agency decided to address this perception by placing posters of “tattooed” people on walls.

These “tattoos” were actually vouchers in disguise—passers-by could peel them off and they would get 50% off tattoo removal.

Watch this ingenious idea in action below:

The RGB billboard – Ikea.

Schermata 02-2456715 alle 23.05.33

When you have little space you need to come up with clever solutions.
That is not only true for interior decoration, but for advertising space too.

But how can you turn little space into more?
Like this, for example:
3 lines.
3 colours.
3 bulbs.
This is how you turn 9 m² into 27 m².
And 1 billboard into more than just 1 billboard.

This is how it works:
If the billboard is illuminated by green lamps, only the line printed in magenta is readable.
Blue-purple light makes yellow visible.
Red light brings blue to the surface.

Agency: thjnk hamburg (
Production: I MADE THIS (

Immortal Fans – Sport Club Recife


“Immortal Fans”, an organ donor advertising campaign associated with Brazilian soccer club Sport Club Recife, has been awarded the Promo & Activation Grand Prix at Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2013. The “Immortal Fans” donor card was developed to help club fans associate organ donation with after-death support for their football team. Cards, available for download through an app, or received by mail, showed family members that in the event of death organ donation would be preferred. The campaign included television commercials featuring real patients on transplant lists who promised to keep donors’ passion for Sport Club Recife alive.

Functional billboards – IBM.

Creative and innovative billboards designed by Ogilvy & Mather for IBM also function as benches, ramps for people with luggage, and rain shelters.
Functional outdoor advertising promotes the IBM brand and adds useful street furniture to different cities all over the world.
Clever advertising with a purpose: Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities.




Billboard Video Mapping – Heineken.

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