Nike Free Box – Nike.


For their latest release—the Nike Free 5.0—Nike reached out to Uruguay-based advertising agencyPublicis Impetu to communicate the unique flexibility attributes of the iconic shoe…and what better way to communicate the flexibility of the shoe than to shrink a traditional shoebox to 1/3 of its original size?

The Nike Free Box looks like any typical orange Nike shoe box from a distance, but when presented to a buyer it is designed to surprise them and demonstrate how flexible the shoe design really is…while still being able to retain its original shape upon taking out of the box:

Perhaps most importantly—and overlooked?—is the dramatic difference this could make for shipping costs. With a new die design, Nike could fit 2/3 more Nike Frees per container if they take this from marketing stunt to an actual functional box design that simultaneously shows off the benefits of the product inside.

Good idea, what do you think?




Pop Up Cafè – Nescafè Paper Mugs.

What better way to start a conversation than over a hot mug of Nescafé?

Geometry Global Paris created an unexpected way for two people to share a real moment together: Pop-Up Café.

Nescafè paper mugs

Nescafè paper mugs

An unconventional print: a newspaper sleeve that contains two foldable paper mugs—one for you and the other for the person you plan to share your newspaper with.

Take a look at the video:

How far would you queue for Fantastic Delites Curls? – Fantastic Delites.

2 years ago Delites made us laughing thank to their super unconventional campaign (take a look here)

Now, Australian brand Fantastic Delites is back to test the patience of people to see how far they would go to get a free snack.

In its new campaign, customers were made to queue up at the start of an empty mazy line despite not having anyone ahead of them. After being let through, they were given a free bag of Fantastic Delites Curls.

This act was repeated at several locations, including an ice-skating rink and a park, where customers were required to cross a dirty pond to get their free snack.

You can also get a free pack playing at:





The friendly Twist – Coca Cola.

A Coca-Cola Bottle That Requires Two People To Open


To help college freshmen break the ice on the first day of school, Coca-Cola created a collection of bottles that can only be opened by two people.
As part of its ‘Friendly Twist’ campaign, the soft drink giant filled a fridge in a college campus with these bottles. If a student tried opening the bottle alone, he or she would find it to be impossible.
Students would have to approach each other and work together to unlock the specially designed interlocking bottle caps.
Through this simple action, it encourages interaction among students, helping them break the ice on what would normally be a nervous first day of school.

Watch the video below:

Saipancakes (Pancakes) – Nathan Shields.


No doubt about it: former math teacher and flapjack enthusiast Nathan Shields is one rad dad. Two years ago, Shields began “illustrating” animals, fictional characters, and more with pancake batter for his adorable kids, Alice and Gryphon. He dubbed his series “Saipancakes” after the town where he first began his quirky–and completely endearing–breakfast craft. Now, he has amassed an impressive collection of pancake designs including sea creatures, mythic beasts, tree species, heady intellectuals, math jargon, and much more.












The Bible of Barbecue – Tramontina.

Schermata 2014-05-12 alle 21.10.49

Tramontina, a manufacturer of cookware and accessories, recently created an innovative book designed to give aspiring chefs all the basics for a successful barbecue. Created in conjunction with JWT Brazil, The Barbecue Bible shows all the important steps for a great barbecue, but more interestingly, also includes within its pages all the necessary components and raw materials for grilling. It starts off with a page made of charcoal, which is designed to be smashed into pieces and serve as the basis of your fire. The tome also includes pages that turn into a fire starter, fan, apron, aluminum, knife sharpener and even salt. There is also a kitchen cloth and placemat, and the cover doubles as a chopping board. Unfortunately, it looks like the book will only be available in Brazil but you can get a closer look at it here:

Game of Firms – Mordi Levi.

Israel-based graphic designer and illustrator Mordi Levi is a Game of Thrones real fan. He created the project “Game of Firms“: his take was to create a branding for each of the GoT houses as present day companies complete with corporate and advertising materials.

Take a look at his portfolio on Behance:

David LaFerriere does Incredible Things To His Kids’ Lunches Every Day.


This Dad Does Incredible Things To His Kids’ Lunches Every Day.
In an electronics filled world where everyone is suddenly too busy for each other, David LaFerriere is reminding us the simple things are still what matter most.

Barcodes Don’t Have to Be Boring – D-Barcode.

We love the idea of taking overlooked design elements and making them beautiful. The barcode is a good example of this. It’s on nearly everything we buy – from your latest iPad purchase to a Snickers bar at the market – just a bunch of lines and numbers with very little (if any) thought put in to how it looks. We’ve covered Steve Simpson’s remixes before, and now we’ve run across D-Barcode, a Japanese design firm that’s been steadily revamping this oft overlooked element.

The thing about barcodes is this: you only need a very small area to actually read the information. What surrounds this small patch of data, is hardly important and ripe for creative artwork that plays upon the barcodes linear form. D-Barcode has turned those strips of black into streaks of falling rain, a placemat on the table, the walls of a fairytale castle, and even a cascading waterfall. As you can probably tell, the numbers are only there for visual input should the barcode become unreadable – so those elements can easily be moved or even have the font changed. We’d love to see this on more products – at least it would add something interesting to look at when eating our breakfast cereal.

Be sure to check out more at D-Barcode:

3d printed skateboard – Sam Abbott / 3d print uk




Last month 3D Print UK teamed up with CGTrader to host a competition for the best portfolio. The winner was highly creative and skilled artist Sam Abbott. The prize? Abbott was chosen to have his design for a twin tip skateboard printed on a 3D printer. Looking at the final product, you would imagine it was as simple as one big piece, but since the board was longer than the build tray, they had to cut it into 3 sections, and combine it with connector pins to add strength. The skateboard is fully ride-able, but may not be the best for stunts.

Abbott said:
“…. is it ride-able? Yes… but I wouldn’t drop down many sets of stairs on it just yet!”

Check out the video to see the making of the board

At the link you can check out Abbott’s portfolio.

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