Reebok – Be More Human.

Reebook and Venables Bell & Partners really work up a sweat for “Be More Human,” an integrated global campaign that celebrates ordinary people who use sports and fitness in their quest for personal fulfillment and to serve the greater good. The campaign kicked off Sunday, Feb. 1 with a 60-second spot called “Freak Show” that will air during NBC’s Super Bowl pre-game show. The ad portrays people training at CrossFit, running the Spartan Race, and pushing themselves in their workouts. It then shows how that training helps them be strong in their daily lives, whether as parents or as firefighters.

The global push includes a microsite called the “Be More Human Experience,” which features interactive tools like a test to gauge “human-ness” based on your priorities in life, and a 3D visualizer that shows how physical activities like sitting or jogging affect the brain.

"Humanity Test"

“Humanity Test”

It also includes a social push called #breakyourselfie, which encourages people to share photos of their exhausted, post-workout selves.




#ThrowMeBack – Expedia.

Expedia - TBT

Expedia and 180LA have done a nice job lately of thinking more broadly about the concept of travel, going beyond physical journeys into emotional, even spiritual ones. (Among its more memorable ads was the 2012 spot about the father’s difficult journey to accepting his lesbian daughter.)

Now, the travel site is getting even more ambitious—and more social—as it travels back in time with a fun project around people’s Throwback Thursday photos.

Between now and the end of August, Expedia is asking Instagram and Twitter users to tag their #TBT photo with @Expedia and #ThrowMeBack. Each week the company will pick one lucky winner and give them a travel voucher so they can indulge their nostagia and return to the place where the photo was taken—and recreate it.

Or, says Expedia, you can travel somewhere different and made a new memory—which seems to suggest this campaign is less about actually recreating the old snapshots and more about just piggybacking on the #tbt trend in general. However, the brand is asking the winners to send in the recreated photos with the goal at the end of the campaign of telling a photo story with all the side-by-sides.

“We all have great memories of summer vacations,” says Dave Horton, creative director at 180LA. “So to promote the nostalgia of summer travel, we wanted to tap into the most nostalgic trend out there, #tbt.”

To promote the contest, Expedia has posted the video below, “Back to Ocean Beach,” showing one family’s journey from Washington State to their old beach spot in San Diego to recreate a cute photo from the ’80s.

Read more about the campaign at

Experience: Dream Incubator – Barbie’s Linkedin profile.

Barbie joins Linkedin

Barbie joins Linkedin

Entrepreneur Barbie has taken her professional networking online. After 55 years and more than 150 careers under her sensible and fashionable belt, Barbie is ready to compete in the business world with a new LinkedIn page.

According to Barbie’s LinkedIn, her latest venture is “‘Dream Incubator,’ where [Barbie acts] as a consultant, helping girls around the world play out their imagination.” The company tagline is “If you Can Dream It, You Can Be it!”

LinkedIn users can follow Entrepreneur Barbie for business inspiration. She also shares news about her company, social media updates and her (very lengthy) resume.
After all, it’s a little difficult to edit your resume down to just one page after holding more 150 jobs!

via Mashable

A website inside Instagram – Ikea.

Website on Instagram

To help push Ikea’s intensely odd PS 2014 collection, the furniture seller’s Russian division hired ad agency Instinct to build a marketing campaign within Instagram. Navigating to the Instagram account ikea_ps_2014 on your smartphone — it won’t format correctly in your browser — will open up a “website” within the app, consisting of 12 images. The account acts as an interactive catalog, divided into Benches, Tables, Storage, Light, Textiles, and Ideas. Clicking through to view either of these images brings up a variety of tags that link to separate pages with more information on each product, such as ps_side_table and ps_laptop_station, all similarly arranged to resemble catalog pages. It’s one of the more novel uses of Instagram as a free promotional medium, and a fun way to browse Ikea’s collection.

How far would you queue for Fantastic Delites Curls? – Fantastic Delites.

2 years ago Delites made us laughing thank to their super unconventional campaign (take a look here)

Now, Australian brand Fantastic Delites is back to test the patience of people to see how far they would go to get a free snack.

In its new campaign, customers were made to queue up at the start of an empty mazy line despite not having anyone ahead of them. After being let through, they were given a free bag of Fantastic Delites Curls.

This act was repeated at several locations, including an ice-skating rink and a park, where customers were required to cross a dirty pond to get their free snack.

You can also get a free pack playing at:





(Don’t) Tweet, Chat, Like and Drive – Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment.

Social Striptease – Fred e Farid for Vicomte A.

Schermata 02-2456698 alle 14.51.28

Fred & Farid Shanghai orchestrated a social media striptease for Vicomte A., using the customers to promote and share in social media fashion brand’s women collection. For this, the agency decided to give any men between 18-30 what they want: a hot sexy girl stripping, with a price: “to share her clothes off”.

The girl is wearing Vicomte A.’s woman collection and the way of getting her clothes off is to share it on the Facebook wall. The clothes also appear on an e-shop ad and turned very quickly fans’ Facebook walls in free advertising space targeting their female friends.

The idea aimed to increase the traffic on Vicomte A. e-commerce website and involved an interactive experience, on which the male Facebook users can undress a sexy model by sharing her clothes in social media.

The results of the social striptease? In less than 2 days, the agency turned Facebook walls into free media for the brand, with more than 150.000 clothes shared. Also, over 300,000 Twitter accounts were reached and the campaign attracted the attention of specialized media, turning from a national to a worldwide campaign. As a result of this campaign, the traffic on the e-commerce website increased 5 times during the operation.

Agency: Fred & Farid Shanghai
Brand: Vicomte A.
Executive Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Creative Director: Gregoire Chalopin
Copywriter: Laurent Leccia
Art Director: Laurent Leccia
Brand supervisors: Arthur de Soultrait, Julie Clerambourg
Producer: Sacha Guyon, Bastien Chanot
Development & Production: Lumini

Fred & Farid Group is a digital communication group based in Paris and Shanghai and founded by Frederic Raillard and Farid Mokart, Cannes Grand Prix 2009 winner.

Facebook Look Back Parodies.

Many of you might have seen your friends’ sappy — oops, I mean touching — Look Back videos on Facebook. You know, the biggest time suck since the invention of… Facebook.

The rest of us have deadlines and such. But we just might be able to make time for the parodies that have popped up on YouTube in the past few days since now-10-year-old Facebook unveiled the feature that generates a short video of its users’ lives, Likes and loves on the social network. You know, all in the name of research.

Instead of users’ most-liked posts, “honest” Look Backs feature least-liked posts. (Yes, finally a Dislike button!) Instead of put-your-best-face-forward photos, the parodies break out the ones that show passed-out-drunk moments. Lots of food photos, blurred-out faces of ex-girlfriends, and reminders about heated political arguments. There are privacy-themed parodies, promotional videos, and the Look Back video for seemingly plastic surgery-prone Bruce Jenner, which the folks at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” kindly put together

Here other facebook look back parodies from all over the world:

Walter White‘s Look Back

Prince Harry‘s Look Back

Berlusconi‘s Look Back

Bible‘s Look Back

Facebook‘s Look Back parody

There’s Something In Your Tweet – Colgate.

A new service from Colgate that puts Twitter to a completely new use; anonymously alerting people to food stuck in their teeth. Gotta love anonymous!!
They also send a link to a coupon to purchase a new toothbrush.


Log twitter in, choose the food and alert a friend:

Immortal Fans – Sport Club Recife


“Immortal Fans”, an organ donor advertising campaign associated with Brazilian soccer club Sport Club Recife, has been awarded the Promo & Activation Grand Prix at Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2013. The “Immortal Fans” donor card was developed to help club fans associate organ donation with after-death support for their football team. Cards, available for download through an app, or received by mail, showed family members that in the event of death organ donation would be preferred. The campaign included television commercials featuring real patients on transplant lists who promised to keep donors’ passion for Sport Club Recife alive.

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