How far would you queue for Fantastic Delites Curls? – Fantastic Delites.

2 years ago Delites made us laughing thank to their super unconventional campaign (take a look here)

Now, Australian brand Fantastic Delites is back to test the patience of people to see how far they would go to get a free snack.

In its new campaign, customers were made to queue up at the start of an empty mazy line despite not having anyone ahead of them. After being let through, they were given a free bag of Fantastic Delites Curls.

This act was repeated at several locations, including an ice-skating rink and a park, where customers were required to cross a dirty pond to get their free snack.

You can also get a free pack playing at:






The friendly Twist – Coca Cola.

A Coca-Cola Bottle That Requires Two People To Open


To help college freshmen break the ice on the first day of school, Coca-Cola created a collection of bottles that can only be opened by two people.
As part of its ‘Friendly Twist’ campaign, the soft drink giant filled a fridge in a college campus with these bottles. If a student tried opening the bottle alone, he or she would find it to be impossible.
Students would have to approach each other and work together to unlock the specially designed interlocking bottle caps.
Through this simple action, it encourages interaction among students, helping them break the ice on what would normally be a nervous first day of school.

Watch the video below:

Better out than in – Banksy in New York City.


“All pictures painted inside, in the studio, will never be as good as those done outside.” – Cezanne

“Better Out Than In” – Banksy

British street artist Banksy is taking over the streets of New York this month with a surprise new painting every day.
The exhibition, of sorts, is called Better Out Than In. Its first installation appeared near Manhattan’s Chinatown on Tuesday, October 1, and depicted two boys with a spray can. However, within 24 hours the piece was painted over.


At the same time, locals were waking up to the news that a second piece had been created in Chelsea, on the west side of the island. Painted on a shutter, the October 2 piece mimicked classic New York graffiti style, with the words, “This is my New York Accent”. In serif script underneath the artist had stencilled, “…normally I speak like this”.


Yesterday he posted an epic video:

Today a big van is driving through Nyc ‘ avenues and streets:

Here other Banksy’s operas:









#nofilterjustrayban – Ray Ban.



Trams in Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels are letting you use filters to view the world — and not via a fancy app. Ray-Ban promoted its polarized color lenses via an installation by DDB Brussels that pasted filters onto the windows of those trams, so you could look out onto the world in a special way. using #nofilterjustrayban, travelers are encouraged to share their experiences.

I tram di Ghent, Antwerp e Brussel permettono di guardare il mondo attraverso i filtri.. ma non grazie ad una app.
Ray Ban sta promuovendo i colori delle sue lenti polarizzate attraverso un’installazione pensata da DDB Brussels che “colora” i vetri dei tram permettendo di guardare al mondo con colori diversi.
Utilizzando l’hashtag #nofilterjustrayban i viaggiatori possono inoltre condivedere la propria esperienza.

Official site

The Live Tile Experiment – Windows 8.

Urban Interventions.

Angry Birds Outdoors – Público Newspaper.

PÚBLICO newspaper decided to offer booklets of Angry Birds stickers in order to increase sales. Their media budget was none, except for their self-promoting print ads. To reach new readers, we had to go to the streets in an unconventional way. So TBWA use Lisbon’s plenty of damaged buildings and walls as media, replicating the “destroy-it-all” philosophy of the Angry Birds game.

Human butcher shops opens in London – Resident Evil.

The public’s fascination with the walking dead, zombies, and purveyors of eating human flesh never seems to be fully satisfied. This past weekend in London saw a human butcher shop open to promote the latest Resident Evil installment, resident Evil 6. The pop-up butcher shop was located at London’s Smithfields Meat Market. Fans of the movie, and unsuspecting passersby, were treated to the delectably gory world of the fictional butcher in the game, Wesker & Son, who has a ravenous appetite for human flesh.
People happening upon the butcher shop will be invited to come in and sample or purchase a dizzying array of edible human limbs including hands, feet and a human head. Some of these treats have mouth watering names like ‘Peppered Human & Lemon Sausages’ and ‘J’avo Caught Human Thigh Streaks.’ All proceeds from the sale of these delicious meats is being donated to the Limbless Association, which provides information and support to the limb-loss community.
Fans can even go a step further and attend two days of lectures at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Pathology Museum, where they can explore some of the themes from the game and how they link up to real life. Dr. Morgaine Gaye, a food futurologist, will discuss future trends in human food consumption and explore cannabalism through history. Prof. John Oxford, one of the world’s leading virologists, will discuss viruses and examine whether or not the game’s infamous C-Virus could ever truly become a reality — let’s hope not.

Eat Hot – Domino’s Pizza.

Giant Storage – Brand stick.

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