#ThrowMeBack – Expedia.

Expedia - TBT

Expedia and 180LA have done a nice job lately of thinking more broadly about the concept of travel, going beyond physical journeys into emotional, even spiritual ones. (Among its more memorable ads was the 2012 spot about the father’s difficult journey to accepting his lesbian daughter.)

Now, the travel site is getting even more ambitious—and more social—as it travels back in time with a fun project around people’s Throwback Thursday photos.

Between now and the end of August, Expedia is asking Instagram and Twitter users to tag their #TBT photo with @Expedia and #ThrowMeBack. Each week the company will pick one lucky winner and give them a travel voucher so they can indulge their nostagia and return to the place where the photo was taken—and recreate it.

Or, says Expedia, you can travel somewhere different and made a new memory—which seems to suggest this campaign is less about actually recreating the old snapshots and more about just piggybacking on the #tbt trend in general. However, the brand is asking the winners to send in the recreated photos with the goal at the end of the campaign of telling a photo story with all the side-by-sides.

“We all have great memories of summer vacations,” says Dave Horton, creative director at 180LA. “So to promote the nostalgia of summer travel, we wanted to tap into the most nostalgic trend out there, #tbt.”

To promote the contest, Expedia has posted the video below, “Back to Ocean Beach,” showing one family’s journey from Washington State to their old beach spot in San Diego to recreate a cute photo from the ’80s.

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The World’s Highest Press Release – Houston PR.

Houston PR

To announce its office relocation, UK-based PR agency Houston decided to create the “world’s highest press release”.
Using a hot air balloon, the agency attached a laminated press release and sent it into the earth’s atmosphere—27 miles up in the air.

via DesignTaxi

Oberyn vs Mountain – The Denial Version [SPOILER]


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According to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, there are five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Following the mindblowing ending of the “The Mountain And The Viper” episode, it’s possible many Game Of Thrones fans find themselves still stuck in that first stage. Luckily, there is a video that can help viewers escape into another world, a better world, to assuage that feeling of utter hopelessness. YouTube user The Ozzy Man has put together an alternative cut of the climactic scene from the episode, one that finds a much different fate for everyone’s favorite pansexual seeker of justice, Oberyn Martell. This version provides a glimpse into a much-improved reality where good things can happen, often accompanied by Tina Turner.

Sex on Vacation – Do It for Denmark.

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A Danish travel agency has found a solution for Denmark’s falling birth rate – and its proposal is whipping around the globe with viral speed.
It’s called “Do it for Denmark,” and in a witty video that asks “Can sex save Denmark’s future?” the Spies travel agency urges the country’s couples to go on vacation, “and make babies to deal with Denmark’s flaccid birth rate that is currently at a 27-year record low” as explained by the Copenhagen Post.

“The 55,873 children born in Denmark last year is the lowest number since 1986,” according to the Post, which notes that Denmark’s falling birth rate has been an issue for some time. Since 2000, the birth rate has declined by 17%, making it the lowest among Nordic countries.
The ad argues that romantic holidays are more conducive to turning couples on, and it seems that the Danes are particularly prone to get in the mood while traveling. “Danes have 46% more sex on holiday compared to their everyday lives,” the commercial’s voiceover intones.
“To help the falling Danish birth rate,” the travel agency wants to encourage all Danes to take that romantic holiday. The winning couples able to prove that they conceived during the trip get a three-year supply of diapers and a free child-friendly future vacation as part of their special “Ovulation Discount.”

The ad further claims that 10% of Denmark’s babies are conceived on vacation, and that nearly half of the population admit to having more sex while on holiday.

For those unconvinced by the numbers, “Do It For Denmark!” insists that getting away from it all boosts libido for men and women. It features a sex therapist who says that traveling together helps keep the spark alive in a relationship.
The video is closing in on 3.5 million views on YouTube and stars a stunning, young Danish blonde woman.“Meet Emma, she’s Danish,” she’s introduced. “But even though she was born and raised in Denmark, she was made in Paris, up there, in that hotel room…Thirty years ago, Emma’s parents took a little getaway…”

Then it invites people to book a holiday and “Get it on….. But what if you already did your duty? Or what if your chance of conceiving a children isn’t so high? Well look at it this way. It’s not just about winning. All the fun is in the participation. Participate in the competition. Do it for Denmark.”

via Forbes

First Kiss – Best Parodies.

Most Shocking Second a Day Video – Save the Children.

Facebook Look Back Parodies.

Many of you might have seen your friends’ sappy — oops, I mean touching — Look Back videos on Facebook. You know, the biggest time suck since the invention of… Facebook.

The rest of us have deadlines and such. But we just might be able to make time for the parodies that have popped up on YouTube in the past few days since now-10-year-old Facebook unveiled the feature that generates a short video of its users’ lives, Likes and loves on the social network. You know, all in the name of research.

Instead of users’ most-liked posts, “honest” Look Backs feature least-liked posts. (Yes, finally a Dislike button!) Instead of put-your-best-face-forward photos, the parodies break out the ones that show passed-out-drunk moments. Lots of food photos, blurred-out faces of ex-girlfriends, and reminders about heated political arguments. There are privacy-themed parodies, promotional videos, and the Look Back video for seemingly plastic surgery-prone Bruce Jenner, which the folks at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” kindly put together

Here other facebook look back parodies from all over the world:

Walter White‘s Look Back

Prince Harry‘s Look Back

Berlusconi‘s Look Back

Bible‘s Look Back

Facebook‘s Look Back parody

The BitTorrent Trilogy – Conor McGarrigle. [SPOILER]


The BitTorrent Trilogy consists of a series of three videos made from episodes of popular TV shows incompletely downloaded from the internet via bitTorrent. The resulting aesthetically beautiful and unique videos act as a visualization of this technical and social process showing the glitches and digital errors characteristic of this process.

The videos have been linearly edited, with no digital effects used, all the glitch effects are contained in the corrupted file. The series consists of episodes of Mad Men, the third season premiere of Game of Thrones and concludes with final episode of Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones broke bitTorrent records when they were released on file sharing networks and the videos capture these episodes in the act of being shared by users on bitTorrent.

The videos simultaneously act as a visualization of bitTorrent traffic and the practice of filesharing, the aesthetically beautiful glitch effects are modulated by the file codec and the size of the bitTorrent swarm, as the pieces of the original file are rearranged and reconfigured into a new transitory in-between state.

Breaking Bad

Game of Thrones

Mad Men

Devil Baby Attack – Devil’s Due.

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Hear a baby crying in an unattended stroller on the street? Of course you should investigate it. Just be warned that said baby might be part of a viral marketing stunt that will scare the living bejesus out of you.

The folks at Thinkmodo rigged this remote-controlled stroller with a demonic animatronic infant, replete with the ability to headbang, vomit, and just look downright possessed:

When the Thinkmodo team took their creation to the streets of New York, many a Good Samaritan fell victim to the devilish prank, and the reactions are priceless.
You might remember Thinkmodo from their last viral video creation: the telekinetic coffee shop prank in Manhattan, which, as it turned out, was a promotion for the movie “Carrie.”

And lo and behold, turns out “Devil Baby Attack” is also part of a promotion, this time for found-footage horror film, “Devil’s Due,” which opens this weekend.
Thinkmodo founder, Michael Krivicka, told Yahoo News that he thought the project “was an interesting social experiment to see how many people would bother to check on an abandoned stroller.

All I Want For Christmas Is You (Chatroulette Version) – Mariah Carey VS Steve Kardynal

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In case your Christmas needs a few more laughs, here’s Chatroulette like you’ve never seen it… and that’s saying a LOT. Steve Kardynal, known as a Chatroulette Performer decided to vamp it up for the unsuspecting masses of the internet, performing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”
We have to say Kardynal has seriously upped is costume game for the holidays, especially after his last performance of “Wrecking Ball” from Miley Cyrus, complete with her entire “wardrobe.” We’re not sure which video is better, but we do know what’s more festive.

Don’t watch this on a full belly of Christmas ham… you’ve been warned!

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