The other side – Honda.

Honda presents The Other Side

Honda presents The Other Side

Honda and Wieden + Kennedy London have come up with an interactive dual-story video for the Civic and it’s sportier version, the Civic Type R. Titled “The Other Side”, the film tells the tale of an ordinary guy who leads an intriguing double life. The original video featuring the Civic switches to a parallel storyline featuring the Type R when you press and hold ‘R’ on the keyboard. Directed by Daniel Wolfe, the films have been meticulously edited to sync seamlessly with each other. This is interactive advertising/filmmaking at its best. Check it out below.


Murat interactive comic – Motiv.


Czech Republic-based independent collective Motiv has produced a short interactive comic.

Titled ‘Murat’, the interactive comic offers both audio and visual effects for readers. They are also able to click on a particular scene in the comic to watch the characters come to life through animation.

The team behind Motiv has gone beyond conventional comic reading methods to provide the reader with a more hands-on experience. A page of the comic was even presented as a jigsaw puzzle, letting readers ‘piece’ the story on their own.

Take a… “read”:

Trailer [SPOILER]

Motiv is an independent collective from the Czech Republic, Murat is its first interactive comics.
Contact them for more information or to join the collective:


#carsthatfeel – Soap Creative for Toyota.

Vivid cars that feel

Vivid cars that feel

Vivid Sydney is a unique annual event of light, music and ideas. Toyota and Soap Creative brought an interesting twist to the festival with an interactive installation that explores the relationship people can have with cars.

The installation transforms three Toyota Prius cars into sentient beings which respond emotionally to human interaction. Developed as an internal innovation R&D project at Soap, each car has its own personality and connects with people through internal projection mapping, lighting, sound and animation.

Interactive print ad – Moto X and Wired.

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The Moto X customization experience comes to WIRED magazine in the world’s first interactive print ad. Select copies of the January edition of WIRED magazine contain a special surprise – the very first interactive print experience. Yep, you read that right. You can start designing your Moto X right in the magazine. It’s an ad that’s as unique as you are, for a phone that’s truly yours.

Like a rolling stone (3.0) – Bob Dylan.

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Rock icon Bob Dylan’s 1965 hit “Like a Rolling Stone,” deemed one of the greatest songs ever by experts, just received the 2013 music video treatment.

The interactive video, shared first with Mashable, is the song’s first official video. It allows viewers to use their keyboards or cursors to flip through 16 channels that mimic TV formats such as games shows, shopping networks and reality series. People on each channel, no matter what TV trope they represent, are seen lip-syncing the lyrics.

Squat to ride – Sochi, Moscow Metro.

As part of the zealous promotion for Russia’s upcoming Sochi Olympics spectacular, the Moscow metro is offering an alternative to its ticket machines and their queues. It is combining a keep-fit theme and making an attractive offer to commuters; get some gain from the pain and ride the train for free.


How long could you keep up with a professional marathon runner? – Asics.

Asics provided the opportunity to know the exact amount of time in a fun stunt set up by fitness brand Asics ahead of Sunday’s ING New York City Marathon.

The stunt was the brainchild of ad agency Vitro, who set up a custom treadmill in the middle of the Big Apple and challenged people to see how long they can keep up with U.S. runner Ryan Hall’s marathon pace of 4:46 minutes per mile.


Runners were even supplied with a safety harness to make sure “their pride” was left intact.

The result? Well, predictably, not that good. “So far, the record is just over eight minutes,” a Vitro spokesperson revealed. That means the best the average person could do is manage two miles at the pace Hall manages for more than 26.

Just a Reflecktor – Arcade Fire.


Arcade Fire’s ”Wilderness Downtown” was a massive hit in the music as well as interactive world. “Just a Reflektor” is a worthy follow up: using the latest Google Chrome technology it lets you interact with the music video via your mobile phone.

First you have to simultaneously connect to the site “Just a Reflektor” via desktop and follow the instructions on how to connect your phone.
Then you can cast a virtual projection on your computer screen by holding your mobile device in front of the computer’s webcam.
Viewers can control all the visual effects in the video by physically moving their smartphone or tablet around them.

See the Behind the Scene video:

And if you don’t remember Arcade Fire’s “Wilderness Downtown”, this is the website.

Heineken Ignite – Heineken.


Heineken Ignite turns the bottle into an interface for a more socially connected drinking experience between people and the club. The bottle literally lights up when people clink any two together for a “cheers”. It sparks when they take a sip, and goes to sleep when left untouched.

The bottles also react to music in the club. The lights can be remotely activated and controlled by specially developed VJ software resulting in the bottles pulsing to the music beat.

The first prototype although a little clunky and still separate from the bottle itself served as a proof of concept.

The next challenge was to minimize the hardware. Everything needed to fit underneath a bottle of Heineken.

With a custom designed board the tech team managed get everything to work in something that was just a little bigger than a 2 Euro coin.

The project went from first brief to prototype in just 10 weeks. I think we’ll see more and more agencies adopt this kind of startup mentality and rapid prototyping. It will require agencies to partner clients in a much more collaborative process that goes beyond messaging, delving into product design.

The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop – adidas Originals.

adidas retells the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge, only this time, it’s hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg (or is it still ‘Lion’) feeling down on the dumps about his Holiday party. But, With the help of the ghosts of Stan Smith (past), David Beckham (present), and Derrick Rose (future), Snoop is able to turn his frown upside-down and throw a legendary party.

Check out the hilarious animated video done Robert Smigel-style and check out The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop on Facebook and help Ebenezer Snoop get out of the bahhumbizzles!

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