22 Animals Who’ve Been Hiding Out In The London Underground Map

Finding animalsontheundeground will be your new favourite commuting pastime.
























#Giant Balls – Lotto.


To celebrate the launch of New Lotto, National Lottery sent six giant Lotto balls floating down the River Thames.
Equivalent to the height of two double decker buses, the 26 foot high giant balls started their voyage from London’s Docklands, passing under London’s iconic Tower Bridge and up to Westminster.

Starting from 5 October, New Lotto, priced at £2 will offer more ways to win more money. In addition to the usual jackpot draw with bigger prizes, there will be a brand new raffle guaranteeing 20 players a prize of £20,000 EACH draw!

Royalist or Republican? #RoyalBaby

The Guardian has launched a pretty neat toggle feature that lets people filter out all Royal Baby news.
A small text link discreetly positioned just under the nav allows people to toggle between 2 modes.

By default the newspaper is in ‘Royalist mode’ – but there is a text link with ‘Republican?’ in the top right corner.



Wimbledon Wiggle – Evian.


Evian — no slouch at driving buzz during the Wimbledon tournament — has come up with another novel approach this year.
Starting June 17, tennis fans across the U.K. can submit videos doing their own versions of the “Wimbledon Wiggle” — the “cheeky shake” that players make before receiving a serve — for a chance to win a grand prize of two primo tickets to the tournament on Saturday, June 29.
This isn’t a sweeps — the prize is to be awarded by a judging panel based on which video, in the judges’ estimation, best expresses Evian’s “Live young” brand marketing theme through a Wimbledon wiggle, according to the official rules.
Entrants can post their wiggle videos on http://www.wimbledonwiggle.com, which links to a dedicated area of Evian’s U.K. Facebook page.
To inspire them, the site features a You-Tube hosted wiggle “demonstration” video created by Evian (from parent Danone Waters UK & Ireland Limited) with global social media agency We Are Social.
The video features people of all stripes wiggling to an original soundtrack composed by electro-hip hop artist Tigermonkey (the soundtrack can also be downloaded free from the site).

The site also features a gallery of videos entered by Wimbledon fans.
In addition, the best wiggler videos will be featured on digital outdoor creative at London locations where Evian has partnered with Land Securities’ annual Great British Summer campaign to broadcast free, live coverage of the action on Centre Court.

Human butcher shops opens in London – Resident Evil.

The public’s fascination with the walking dead, zombies, and purveyors of eating human flesh never seems to be fully satisfied. This past weekend in London saw a human butcher shop open to promote the latest Resident Evil installment, resident Evil 6. The pop-up butcher shop was located at London’s Smithfields Meat Market. Fans of the movie, and unsuspecting passersby, were treated to the delectably gory world of the fictional butcher in the game, Wesker & Son, who has a ravenous appetite for human flesh.
People happening upon the butcher shop will be invited to come in and sample or purchase a dizzying array of edible human limbs including hands, feet and a human head. Some of these treats have mouth watering names like ‘Peppered Human & Lemon Sausages’ and ‘J’avo Caught Human Thigh Streaks.’ All proceeds from the sale of these delicious meats is being donated to the Limbless Association, which provides information and support to the limb-loss community.
Fans can even go a step further and attend two days of lectures at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Pathology Museum, where they can explore some of the themes from the game and how they link up to real life. Dr. Morgaine Gaye, a food futurologist, will discuss future trends in human food consumption and explore cannabalism through history. Prof. John Oxford, one of the world’s leading virologists, will discuss viruses and examine whether or not the game’s infamous C-Virus could ever truly become a reality — let’s hope not.

Light it up – Gilette.

On Friday, July 27, just as the world finished watching the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Procter & Gamble and Gillette staged an unforgettable event to wish Team USA a great start to The Olympics. The event was a spectacle of light and water featuring 60-foot holograms of Team USA athletes Tyson Gay launching off the blocks and Ryan Lochte diving into historic Boston Harbor. Set to the music of M83 “Steve McQueen”, the event officially launched Gillette’s global ‘Get Started’ campaign.

H&M Bodywear – David Beckam.

Decorate – Saab.

Well this is a little overconfident, but they’ve surely kept it clean and simple.
Probably not the best ad to show to you wife when you want to buy a new Saab but it will surely turn a smile on the face of men.

Introspection mirror – Metropolitan Police, London.

The challenge: The ugly scenes of violence had spread across the length and breadth of the capital in August 2011. Although raised the number of the police, they could not manage to stop the spread of rioting and looting. Who can stop the riots?

The insights: Most looters and riots were young teenagers who wore with hoody and mask. Shamefully these anti-behaviours were caused by their lack of the awareness of the consequence. After the riots, the broken window covered by wood lock represent the trace of consequence.

The ideas: In order to raise the awareness of anti-behaviour, the message is printed “When anger rises, think of the consequences.” on the center of cracked image in the acrylic mirror. These reflect image and message let them reconsider their intend of the attempt. Shown the picture will affect on their behaviour. Eventually the acrylic mirror can be stronger than wood lock for security.

The Pool – Nike.

The Pool was more than a BMX comp, it was one of the most extra-ordinary gatherings of the BMX community this century.

From the draining of a soon to be demolished local authority swimming pool in Dagenham, East London, into a world class park in less than two weeks was a feat in itself, but to see the diversity and level or riding on display at the launch event was truly remarkable.

40 international riders with a brand new team format saw non-comp riders, veterans, street destroyers and park animals all throw down into something far better than we could have dreamt of.

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